Mattersoft: Intelligent transport systems

Mattersoft Ltd is a software company focusing on service-based transport systems. We specialize in public transport information management and transit signal priorities.

Since 2018, Mattersoft has been a member of the INIT Group. We operate on a global scale.

Smart and SaaS-based – instant implementation

Real-time passenger information and transit signal priorities are at the core of our expertise. 

Our Software-as-a-Service solutions offer a superior user experience – available to all regions, regardless of their population. The solutions are easy to introduce to new fleets or areas.

With Mattersoft, you can create a complete smart traffic system even without investing in hardware.

Our products are
  • centralized & web-based
  • scalable for small to metropolitan
  • compatible with open data
  • ready to be instantly implemented

Real-time Passenger Information (RTPI)

Increased customer satisfaction and reduced waiting times – keep your passengers informed throughout their journey! 

With Mattersoft, you can provide accurate travel information for passengers as well as precise status data to public transport authorities or operators. Vital operational information consists of real-time vehicle positions combined with schedules. This overview ensures a high quality of your service as well as monitoring of efficiency in real-time.

Mattersoft uses powerful algorithms to provide precise information. The departures are displayed at the stops and in the vehicles, and through virtual displays. The vehicle locations can also be monitored on maps on the Internet.


A modular solution makes the implementation of the system easier than ever before. Make a smart move and enhance your public transport user experience with Mattersoft!

Transit Signal Priorities (TSP)

Punctuality in public transport services and shorter driving times equal a better passenger experience.

Priorities for public transport vehicles are at the heart of smart traffic – economically and ecologically sustainable. Intelligent transit signal priorities radically improve the punctuality while driving times get shorter, and these can easily be introduced into new areas and routes.

Mattersoft is your perfect match in transit signal priorities!


To always stay at the peak of intelligent transport systems and logistics, Mattersoft actively participates in various research projects. These mainly develop new and diverse real-time services and applications, especially for the public transport sector.

Some examples of the projects we have been working on:

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Mattersoft is based in Tampere, Finland. We operate on a global scale.